Quick Barley + Oats 1st

Goodness Superfoods Quick Barley + Oats 1st Porridge

For a hearty and healthy breakfast choice you can’t beat Goodness Superfoods Quick Barley + Oats 1st porridge.  It contains all the goodness of traditional porridge but with twice the fibre combined with oats, which are known for their cholesterol lowering properties. Quick Barley + Oats 1st contains the same nutritious ingredients as Traditional Barley + Oats 1st, but has smaller sized oats to allow for quicker cooking.

Keep your heart and stomach healthy with Quick Barley + Oats 1st porridge, your body will thank you for it.

Goodness Superfoods Barley+ Oats 1st is a revolution for porridge lovers. Most porridges contain only oats, which,as we all know, make for a very healthy and nutritious breakfast- however when you combine oats with BARLEYmax you can enjoy the proven nutritional benefits from both grains.

Goodness Superfoods Barley + Oats 1st contains 75% more fibre and 85% more beta-glucans than just oats alone, so why wouldn’t you eat a porridge that is designed to help both the heart and digestive functions? As a great start to your day, enjoy the real and combined benefits of eating Goodness Superfoods Barley + Oats porridge…everyday!

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