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Protein Clusters with Supergrains, Nuts & Seeds.

Our Protein Clusters are a good source of protein, which helps maintain muscle and bone health, whilst also containing the fibre rich supergrain BARLEYmax™.

A protein rich breakfast provides the right nutrients to help repair and maintain new tissue and muscle, perfect for growing young bodies and people who lead active lifestyles.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, protein helps maintain muscle and bone strength. It can also promote satiety which in turn can contribute to optimal weight management.

High quality protein is an important nutrient for all active individuals at all life stages. To achieve and maintain optimal health the recommended daily intake (Australia/NZ) based on the average daily adult is 50g of protein – one 50g serve of Goodness Protein Clusters provides just over10g of protein which is 20% of your daily requirement.

Nutritional Information

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