Over the years, we have taken note of our customers feedback. Many have said, “it tastes too sweet” along with, “there’s too much fibre and it’s making me feel bloated and uncomfortable”.

Our aim is to present a range of products that are superior in nutritional value whilst also being tasty and enjoyed by our customers every day.

Our aim is to also achieve a 5 star health rating across our product range. To achieve this, we have recently updated our formulas of our cereals including a reduction in sugar and fat. All of our products are still an Excellent Source of Fibre with the unique properties of the BARLEYmax®  grain, which has 4 x the resistance starch and 2 x as much soluble fibre compared to other wholegrains.

We have also updated the look of our packaging to create a simpler look and message – so our Goodness Superfoods ‘1st’ products will now be known as Goodness Superfoods ‘better for U!’.

Here is a quick guide to what has changed.









Quick Barley + Oats

Quick B+O



Traditional Barley + Oats

Traditional B+Obetter for U! Barley Wraps

Barley Wraps



better for U! Barley Clusters


Barley Clusters


Cranberry & Nut Cereal Bars

Cran Nut BarsCranberry & Vanilla Cereal Bars

Cran Vanilla BarsApple & Honey Cereal Bars

Apple & Honey BarsRoasted Wholegrain Freekeh


Roasted Wholegrain Freekeh

Roasted Cracked Wholegrain Freekeh

Roasted Cracked Wholegrain Freekeh


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