Winners of the prestigious Healthy Food Awards 2014 have been unveiled we are thrilled that Goodness Superfoods has attracted an accolade for its Wholegrain Barley Wraps 1st  which won the Best Bread category.

The Awards bring together experts in diet, nutrition and health to review what’s available on supermarket shelves, product packaging claims and nutritional information, value for money and taste, amongst other factors.

Goodness Superfoods Wholegrain Barley Wraps 1st was one of almost 500 packaged foods and beverages available on supermarket shelves to go through rigorous review and judging this year. In winning its category, Wholegrain Barley Wraps 1st is essentially a ‘best of show’ product.

 This year’s judging team comprised dietitian Brooke Longfield, nutritionist Catherine Saxelby, GP and media identity Dr Andrew Rochford, and Andrea Duvall, Healthy Food Guide magazine’s editor.

 “Choosing healthier foods from the myriad available can be a tricky thing for shoppers, so the Healthy Food Awards highlight those products that tick all the health boxes,” says Ms Duvall.

 “We carefully assess the nutritional profile of each product to ensure our winners and finalists are healthy, balanced choices. 

 “As well, we taste-test and look for innovation and value,” says Ms Longfield, who also reviews all recipes in the Healthy Food Guide magazine to ensure they meet nutritionally sound guidelines for healthy eating.

 “Wholegrain Barley Wraps 1st is a classic example of a good, nutritional, tasty and healthy choice to make for you and your family,” she concluded.



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