Goodness Superfoods is back in New Zealand’s supermarkets this week. Two of our delicious and nutritious cereals are now being stocked at 150 Countdowns around the country – Digestive 1st, for improved bowel and digestive health, and Heart 1st, for improving digestive health and lowering cholesterol re-absorption.

Heart 1st and Digestive 1st are the only two breakfast cereals in the country containing the BARLEYmax™ supergrain. The wider range of Goodness Superfoods products including wraps and bars plus the new Freekeh range, will be available in New Zealand in 2014.

Please help spread the word about Goodness by Liking the New Zealand Facebook page. It’s where we’ll keep Kiwis updated as new products are available, bring healthy advice from our nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan, fitness and motivation tips from Aussie ironman legend Guy Leech, and have special Facebook competitions and offers for Kiwis who love Goodness.

GSF Heart 1st 500g GSF Digestive 1st 500g


2 Responses to New Zealand, Goodness is back!

  1. Annette says:

    Countdown no longer stocks Heart muesli- any other supermarket taking over in NZ?

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Annette,
      Unfortunately we no longer stock our products in Auckland.

      Sorry for any inconvenience!

      The GSF Team

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