A lady sitting next to me in a Sydney restaurant not so long ago, tapped me on the shoulder and confessed to having once followed me around the supermarket, just to see what I bought. She’s not the only one. I’m frequently asked about which products I buy and what I really eat, what I feed my kids and what my vices are. So I thought I’d share it with you here. The first thing to say is that I am not a goodie two shoes nutritionist! I never sit on what I call “the healthy highhorse” and I don’t believe in being too pedantic about the foods I eat. Too many people I have worked with over the years have a poor relationship with food and with their own bodies. In an effort to stay in ‘perfect shape’ (whatever that is) they beat themselves up over food choices, feel guilty over others and feel superior when they are doing it ‘right’ in their eyes. Food is more than nutrients to me. Food is social, pleasurable and the kitchen is truly at the heart of the home. The most important thing for me is that fresh wholesome food is eaten most of the time, and that mealtimes are given appropriate priority in the day. That means not obsessing over food but seeing mealtimes together as important enough to be given some priority. I practice what I preach and so when you peak inside my pantry these truly are the foods that my family and I eat most of the time. 

In my pantry – you’ll find canned tomatoes, beans, chickpeas, tuna and corn. I have wholemeal and regular pasta, brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat noodles. For breakfast I have a natural muesli and one of the Goodness Superfoods cereals – usually Protein 1st as my boyfriend is into his fitness also and we both love this option for a quick breakfast. I have a whole shelf of herbs and spices. I have coffee beans (I have to have a morning coffee), a range of teas (I drink green tea, good old English breakfast and traditional chai (not the sweetened commercial stuff)) and pure cocoa powder for making hot cocoa and for making chocolate muffins for the kids. I also have Barley Wraps for quick lunches, wholegrain bread for the kids sandwiches, Goodness Superfoods Fibre Boost bars, wholemeal fruit bars and popcorn packs for the kids lunchboxes. Bags of raw nuts & seeds for snacks and in salads and baking. 

Fridge – I always have a drawer full of vegies, fresh berries in summer, natural yoghurt, skim milk, light cream cheese, strong mature cheddar,  feta for salads, ham off the bone for sandwiches, smoked salmon, eggs, white wine, cider and beer (for the man in the house) and omega-3 supplements. Plus any leftovers – I hate throwing food away!

Freezer – I have bags of frozen berries to use in muffins for the kids and in smoothies, bags of frozen peas, homemade icy pops for kids, frozen bread, chicken fillets, prawns for quick easy meals, homemade stock (I always make when I cook a roast or whole chicken). Occasionally I have ice cream for the kids but not my choice of a treat. I’d have cheese and crackers with a glass of red any day!

 On the benchtop – a big bowl of fruit.



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