Make the cold, rainy mornings bearable this winter with our range of delicious and nutritious porridge.

Dr. Joanna believes that eating Goodness Superfoods porridge is a great way to help you avoid stacking on the kilos in winter.

“This range of porridge presents a healthier option than your average porridge as it contains the CSIRO developed grain, BARLEYmax™

“This natural, non-genetically modified wholegrain contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grains and has a low GI, which is great for reducing many serious health risks that Australians are facing more and more,” Joanna said.

Dr. David Topping from the CSIRO says “In an era when new “superfoods” are discovered almost weekly, the health benefits of BARLEYmax™ wholegrain are highly credible. It has been through a rigorous set of animal and human trials to substantiate what we say about its benefits.”

The porridge – Traditional & Quick Barley + Oats – is available at leading Independent supermarkets and via the online store


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