We had a number of consumers that complained quite bitterly about the ‘tough’ texture of our otherwise tasty, healthy cereals. This ‘toughness’ was our point of difference, as it gave the product extended bowl life, but 18 months after launching we continued to receive the same feedback.

The change to the current ‘lighter’ texture was an attempt to address the issue for our current consumer base and in the hope of drawing new ones to the revised product, however, it seems like we may have gone too far, with respect to texture. Since the launch of the ‘lighter’ cereal, we have been inundated with negative comments from our loyal consumers and as a business we are reconsidering our position. During this time, we are not sure we have attracted too many new consumers either to the ‘lighter texture’.

Work is underway to revert to the product that had an extended bowl life and dial down the toughness to a very small extent, such that it is a happy medium without compromising on the health benefits of this great product.  The corrected formulation will be available in the next 4-6 weeks, taking into account time taken for goods to leave our premises and end up on the supermarket shelf. You will be able to identify these packs containing the re-revised formulation by the Best Before Date on the bottom of the pack. All products with a Best Before Date of 11.10.2013 and thereafter will contain the revised formulation.

 Hope you continue to enjoy the goodness that our cereals bring.

 Once again, thank you for your comments – they are valued and appreciated.


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