The Goodness Superfoods brand symbolizes digestive health and we are always striving to enhance product quality without compromising on nutritional benefits for the benefit of our consumers. We have increased our foot print in the retail space in the last 3 years and we now have 3 cereals, 2 porridges, wraps and are delighted to introduce you to the Goodness Superfoods bars in two flavours – Apple & Sultana and Cranberry & Nut. Each of these bars contains 10g of fibre, which equals one-third of the RDI* for  fibre.

We have been listening to our consumers and we value their feedback very much because it is our link to the wider consumer community. We are gradually making BARLEYmax® available to you in more convenient formats, so you can enjoy it at different times of the day. We could not have achieved all this without the valuable feedback and continuous support from YOU – our consumers.

Our cereals are a tough eat, due to the high amount of fibre in BARLEYmax® – we make no apologies for it. However, with a view to improving texture and mouth feel of the cereals, we have launched all your favourite cereals with a lighter, crisper flake that has all the dietary benefits AND the LOW GI feature that has become synonymous with the Goodness brand.  The new artwork in the retail packs has a flash ‘NEW lighter texture’ to inform you of the change – this has resulted from extensive consultation with our consumer pool, who advised us that a lighter eat would make the cereal more appealing.  The  BARLEYmax® has flakes are thinner and will look different to the contents of your old box, however, it has better mouthfeel and tastes the same.

We have listened to constructive feedback on the sugar levels in the Digestive 1st. This has been addressed and we have reduced the sugar levels by 30%, and introduced the lighter flake.  There is no sugar added to this cereal – ie; no honey or golden syrup. The sugar content is 20g/100g and the sweetness is derived from the fruits – apples and sultanas. Many hours of research and sensory sessions have gone into improving the product quality and its nutritional profile with a view to improving the breakfast experience experienced by our consumers.

We hope you continue to enjoy these reformulated cereals and our bars as much as we have enjoyed making them for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or Free Call 1800 654 751.

Thank you,

Dr. Lakshmi Iyer, PhD. MBA (Tech. Mgmt)

New Product Development Manager



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