Since winter has started, Healthy Food Guide included a Taste Test on porridge sachets in its July edition. Our Goodness Superfoods Quick Sachets Barley + Oats were part of the test. According to HFG dietician Zoe Wilson, our porridge stands out!

‘It’s the highest in total fibre (17.3g per 100g), soluble fibre (4.5g per 100g) and beta-glucans (6.6g per 100g). Beta-glucans help reduce cholesterol absorption. The beta-glucan in this porridge comes from the mix of barley and oats.’

Healthy Food Guide’s July edition is available in store from today, Monday 18 June.

Also see our Wholegrain Barley wraps in the ‘Products to try in July’ section!

View the issue here:



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