BARLEYmax has been bred by the scientists at CSIRO-PI (Plant Industry) team using non GM techniques or usually referred to as traditional breeding methods.

Wheat, as we know today has been bred from wild grasses many, many years ago. This was done by selecting wheat’s with preferred traits and crossing it with another parent for that trait to become a dominant trait – oversimplifying Mendelian genetics principles.

Breeders are always looking to improve the agronomic traits in varieties such as drought tolerance, salt tolerance, height of finished crop, rust resistance, early or late maturing etc, depending on which area the variety is being bred for.  Good agronomic traits assists with better grower uptake, less crop management issues, improved yields results in better returns for the grower. However, better agronomic traits alone is not sufficient for a variety’s success, it has to be backed up by consumer benefits and suitability for end use.

For e.g. Australia, especially WA has done a great job developing wheat varieties that are suited to noodle production, QLD has some superb varieties suited for sandwich bread production – all these development has taken place by traditional breeding techniques, by looking for genotype with superior traits from an agronomic and end user perspective, and crossing it with another one with another desired trait.

Similarly, in the case of BARLEYmax, the composition of several (100’s) barley varieties from around the world were examined, and a variety called Himalayas (found in the subcontinent) had a composition (high fibre, high complex carbohydrates etc) that had clear physiological and functional benefits. These desired traits were crossed with other barley varieties that showed tolerance to Australian agro climatic conditions (soil type, weather patterns, rainfall etc) to result in BARLEYmax, after several years of research and development.

BARLEYmax growth patterns are similar to winter crops like barley and wheat, and are commercially grown in NNSW, SQLD and harvested before Christmas. Trials are being undertaken to evaluate commercial production in the SE States of Australia.

BARLEYmax has a nutritional composition that is the envy of the cereal world. Whilst being a good protein source and low in fat, it is high in dietary fibre (soluble and insoluble fibre) and is loaded with resistant starch – the ‘new fibre’ that in combination with dietary fibre has a very positive impact on gut health.  Resistant starch, as the name suggests, resists digestion in the stomach and small intestine and acts as a prebiotic (food for the good gut bugs) in the large intestine, lowering the pH of the gut contents by the production of the poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). BARLEYmax is a low GI food that is minimally processed to produce healthy and tasty breakfast cereals.


BARLEYmax is the key ingredient in our Goodness Superfoods range of products which consists of

  • Protein 1st
  • Digestive 1st
  • Heart 1st
  • Traditional Barley + Oats porridge 1st
  • Quick Barley + Oats porridge 1st
  • Fibre 1st – Sprinkles
  • Wholegrain Barley Wraps 1st


*Available at all leading supermarkets.


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