Under the auspices of our Goodness Superfoods ‘First in Digestive Health’ brand we have launched Wholegrain BARLEY wraps, containing 30% BARLEYmax® with a fibre content of 23.1%. With this launch, we have entered a new category providing consumers with a choice to get their BARLEYmax® on a different meal occasion and another convenient way to meet their RDI for fibre to maintain good gut health.

The composition of the fibre in 100g of the finished product is as follows:

  • 6.1g soluble fibre, of which 2.5g is B glucans. USFDA approved health claim for beta-glucan states an amount of 3g beta-glucan per day is sufficient to reduce cholesterol absorption. Wholegrain BARLEY Wraps provide 1.1g beta-glucan per serving (45g) and therefore provide more than one third of the recommended amount
  • 17g insoluble fibre, which helps with regularity
  • 0.7g resistant starch, the starch that acts as a prebiotic in the colon and helps to produce Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) and lowers colonic pH

Wholegrain BARLEY wraps are slightly darker than other wraps, due to the darker colour of the BARLEYmax® grain and the flour from it. BUT they do certainly not compromise on taste, texture and functionality.

The wraps are soft, pliable, easy to roll with your favourite filling and do not stick to each other in the packet. They lend themselves to be used as-is or toasted, with savory fillings like chicken, tuna and salad or with sweet topping such as honey, jam, golden syrup and banana.


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