Some like it hot, others cold. You can heat our new Wholegrain BARLEY wraps either by using the microwave or a frying pan.  As we have received a few inquiries on the best way to heat them, below are a few suggestions;


Using the microwave is a quick and easy way to heat the wraps. It only takes 15 seconds! Heat the wraps on a plate – uncovered – without any filling.  Please note that the 15 seconds heating time is based on a 900W microwave oven and the time will differ for microwaves with different wattage.  For the best results, consume the warmed wraps immediately.

Frying pan

Heating the wraps on the stove is an option too.  Just heat the wraps on a non stick frying pan for 30 seconds on both sides over a medium flame.  If you like to, you can use margarine or butter.  After you have heated the wraps, fill them with your preferred fillings.

Enjoy your meal!
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