Eating out or getting take away is  a very convenient way to enjoy great food and you don’t have to do the dishes after. But often restaurant food is full of salt, saturated fat and additives so you have to be smart about what you order to stay healthy.


Here are our top 10 tips for eating out and getting take away:

  1. Modify meals to suit you: don’t be afraid to ask for healthier options, e.g. veggies instead of chips, skim milk instead of full cream, sauces and dressing on the side
  2. Pick a dish that includes fruits and veggies
  3. Enjoy you meal but don’t indulge: listen to your tummy and eat slowly. Stop when you are full
  4. Portion sizes are often way too large when eating out opt for small quality dishes. You could share a meal for example or order two entrees
  5. Choose lean meats and fish– event the fattiest fish still has less fat than lean meats
  6. Opt for plain or sparkling water instead of sugary drinks
  7. Avoid alcohol to keep your calorie intake low
  8. Share a dessert with a friend if you can’t resist
  9. Walk to the restaurant if possible
  10. Plan before you go out: choose a restaurant you know has healthy option or do some online research. Some restaurants provide nutritional values of their meals

What are some of your tips to eating out? If you would like to share some please get in touch with us!


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