I am honoured and thrilled to be working with Goodness Superfoods as Brand Ambassador.

I came across the cereal products when they first hit supermarket shelves, and I was eager to taste them all.

All my life I have been conscious of the food I eat as I know how important a healthy balanced diet is for achieving overall optimum health.

As an athlete I became even more aware of what foods were positively impacting my ability to train and recover, and the importance of kick starting each day with a healthy nutritious breakfast.  I am extremely particular when it comes to breakfast cereals and so I was so excited when I discovered Goodness Superfoods products. Finally a breakfast cereal that tastes great and is packed full of essential nutrients. And the products are Australian made and owned!!

Every morning after my training and exercise regime I eat a bowl of Protein 1st. It helps me recover, leaves me feeling fuller for longer because it contains high amounts of protein and fibre, and I absolutely love the taste. I noticed the benefits straight away and I can honestly say that I feel healthy and nourished – more than ever before.

The extra advantage of the BARLEYmax wholegrain ensures that I am getting more fibre than I would from other cereal products. For me, a diet high in Fibre is by far the best way of achieving an overall healthy digestive system.

I am so excited to share my experiences of eating Goodness Superfoods products with Australia and I encourage you all to try the products and start noticing the healthy benefits straight away!

There are so many wonderful products to try as well as some fantastic healthy recipes.

Everyone should start introducing Goodness Superfoods cereals and health products into their diet – the benefits are endless!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Goodness Superfoods and more importantly for the health of all Australians!

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