FRANk Media_Goodness Superfoods cafe“It is about 7.30am on the kind of morning when being outside is more than uncomfortable.

But the weather hasn’t stopped at least 12 people from gathering outside the doors of Uniting Care Prahran Mission, waiting for the cafe to open.

Through the steamed-up windows, a few volunteers can be seen racing around the kitchen making final preparations.

A hot breakfast is about to be served. For some waiting, this could be their only meal for the day.”

Source: Stonington Leader

As part of our partnership with the Prahran Mission we’ve recently donated our Barley+Oats 1st Porridge range to this wonderful program.

If you are looking for a wholesome take away or sit in breakfast option in Melbourne visit the Prahran Mission Cafe and order some yummy Goodness Superfoods porridge for yourself! For more info on the mission and the address click here.

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