Often I hear someone who has lost a couple of kilograms and centimetres off their waist in a few weeks comment on how disappointed they are “to only lose a couple of kilograms, after being ‘so good’ not consuming any sweets or large portions”.

This same remark came my way today, and it yet again upset and frustrated me at how many people are too harsh on themselves when it comes to weight loss efforts.

Making lifestyle changes, such as completely turning around your eating habits, being extra vigilant when it comes to portion sizes, and restarting to exercise, are all big steps that take effort and mental strength to stick with in the early days.

Dietitians work with clients to lose ½ -1kg of weight per week, and with the aim that this will come from fat loss, rather than simple ‘weight’ loss, which can be a result of lean muscle mass decline and body water loss.

Many rapid weight loss diets see people shed muscle and water in the first couple of weeks and initially people seem happy with their results, but with a lack of education and behaviour change, the weight creeps back on, usually as fat, rather than as muscle, and hence the vicious cycle of rebound weight gain continues.

My point being, if you have lost 4cm around your hips and 2kg of fat mass in a month, through making dietary changes and re-educating yourself on how to eat and take care of yourself, that is something to be proud of!

If you think about it, wouldn’t you prefer to lose 6kg in 12 weeks and it stay off, as opposed to 3kg in 2 weeks, but it come straight back (plus maybe with some extra weight too!)?

Remember that sometimes the centimetre measurements will be more representative of your success, as opposed to the numbers on the scales, particularly if you are not using a high end scale that can measure body composition accurately, to show you the difference of fat vs muscle loss or gain.

 So next time you are about to have negative thoughts run through your head regarding your efforts, just remember, positive mind, positive results.

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