Some of you may have heard of the new diet to hit the media stands, “the carb lovers diet”. Now as a dietitian I am funnily enough not a fan of typical “diets”, but rather behaviour change to focus on positive food choices to ensure sustained weight loss.

Having said that, this new “diet” actually goes hand in hand with the information we have been trying to share with you, here at Goodness Superfoods. The carb lovers diet focuses on the benefits of resistant starch, and how through the effects of increased satiety, increased fat burning potential, and decreased absorption of the carbohydrates present (due to their structure as ‘resistant starch’), that an eating plan rich in these foods will aid with weight loss.

My fellow dietitian, Joanna McMillan Price was on the today show last week discussing the benefits of this diet, and which foods you should be consuming to help boost your resistant starch intake, if you want to watch the clip, click here.

If you want more information on a shopping list of foods that are rich in resistant starch, check out our previous post here.

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