It’s hard in this day and age to make good food choices when there’s just so much information out there! We are constantly bombarded with ways to make healthy choices but can it really ever be simple? I like to think of a healthy diet as a lifestyle that includes all sorts of cuisines, food types and food composition. Lets face it, fruits & veg are essential but everyone likes to indulge a little too! What if I could tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too! Here are some simple ways to make that treat slightly healthier so not too feel so guilty when you do indulge!

  1. Pancakes- Try crepes instead of pancakes as they have no butter and are thinner=less bulky. Try with various fruits and yogurt for sweetness instead of cream, syrup or butter.
  2. Make your own handmade hamburger- Use a whole meal bread bun, grill the meat, add lots of greens and fresh tomato. Omit the mayo, butter and tomato sauce as they are high in fat and salt. Try some avocado, it’s a great superfood!
  3. Fish and Chips- Its an Aussie favorite, fish and chips down at the beach watching the sun set – but everyone tends to avoid them when they are on a health kick! The key trick is to make your own and oven bake instead of fry. It tastes just as good and is much lower in unnecessary fats! Even wrap them up and take them to the beach yourself!
  4. Ice cream- There is nothing else quite like ice cream and it’s the ultimate treat at the end of a long week. Instead of buying ice cream make your own from blending frozen fruits with low fat yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Presto! Your own guilt free treat!
  5. Cocktails- Nights out with your girlfriends are not the same without a couple of fruity cocktails but they are very high in sugar! Ask for a drink like vodka and soda water with a dash of lime for sweetness.

If these ideas tickle your fancy head to this site for more info!

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