In recent years the term pre biotics has  become a marketing companies best friend, but what exactly are prebiotics and why are they supposably so good for us all?

Two fair questions one may pose when they see the price tag for a food item go up as the claim surfaces the package front.

Prebiotics are fermentable fibres that feed the friendly bacteria (probiotics) in your intestines. There is evidence to suggest that prebiotics can play a part in reducing irritable bowel symptoms, improve regularity, boost your immune system as well as impart positive changes on many other gastro related problems.

Prebiotics are also said to help with calcium absorption into the bones, thereby helping to reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis; as well as potentially reducing insulin resistance, which can be apparent if you are diabetic or obese. Not sounding to bad so far, are they?

So where do we find prebiotics?

Inulin is a prebiotic that is naturally found in garlic, onions, barley  and asparagus; although you can now also find inulin in the food supply system as an added fibre in a variety of products (in particular, formulated weight loss products).

Next time you go to the supermarket, have a look at your favourite health food bar or item and see if inulin is in the ingredients list.  Let us know if you find a great tasting product that has the added benefits of a prebiotic!

Those of you who already consume the Goodness Superfoods range, will be happy to know that the BARLEYmax in them is a source of prebiotics, and hence you are already getting a daily dose.

For those that want further information, have a look at the healthy food guide, they have some  easy to read information on this topic (plus many others!)

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