It is a pleasure to introduce you today to Lidia, one of the participants in our 100 People in 100 Days Challenge:

“I’ve always had ongoing problems with my bowels and have suffered from IBS. Lacking in fibre and picking the wrong cereals was not a good thing. I’ve tried plenty of cereal products but nothing seemed to help. An improperly managed diet can really make IBS turn for the worse.

I knew I had to keep looking for something different but there are so many different varieties to choose from; it can get confusing. That’s when I found the Goodness Superfoods range; Barley + Oats 1st and the Fibre Boost Sprinkles have showed me that there is a cure.

I’ve seen improvements in just two weeks, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found my cereal. It tastes great, is full of grains, low on sugar and easy to make. I’m even considering bringing it with me when I go Overseas in June. It’s already a part of my daily breakfast and I’m sure the fibre content is already helping me with the IBS. Goodness Superfoods has changed my life and I’m looking forward to change my lifestyle and learn more about the benefits of fibre for IBS.”

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