It is a pleasure to introduce you today to Amanda. She is one of the participants of our Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days Challenge:

“I’m currently on a weight loss journey, but I also want to look and feel healthier! I enjoyed my first purchase of Protein 1st and am looking forward to transforming my life, through the right diet and exercise. As a matter of fact, my husband is going to start having Protein 1st too!

I have now lost a total of 12kgs since I started eating the Goodness Superfoods cereal which I think was about 4months ago. I have another 5kgs to loose to get to my goal weight. And I honestly credit a lot of that to the cereal. It keeps me full throughout the morning. Every now and then I will have pancakes for breakfast with my family and I feel different that whole day as I didn’t get the good start with missing my Goodness Superfoods cereal.”

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