Has anyone ever thought about how big a part a pet plays in keeping your weight under control? Think about your friends, colleagues or distant relatives that have a pet, and how this impacts on their activity levels.

Often during these colder winter months, we get home from a busy day at work, have ourselves and other family members to take care of, and simply forget, or put to the side, our own health and wellbeing.

…and then the pet steps in! If you had a dog for instance, would that not prompt you to put on your coat and go for a walk with it after it has been stuck inside the house or back garden all day? Is that not part of the deal when you sign up for a new puppy?..I think so!

This weekend, my parents adopted a new little man (by man, I mean, King Charles Cavalier), Riley. I have already heard my mother discussing how this is going to prompt her to go for walks on a daily basis, whilst for myself, I have dropped in and run around for an hour with him in the garden (which I certainly would not do on my own!).

As you can see, if you are in an exercise rut and have the compassion to care for another little creature in your life, a pet may just be the answer to kick start your daily exercise routine.

Think about all the other positives a pet can bring to yours or your families life. Pets give warmth and unconditional love that can help ward off depression and isolation, they can give small children the opportunity to care for something/someone else and work towards not being selfish, or simply, as I had previously mentioned, they can get your activity back on track.

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