As the weather appears to cool down and daylight savings has clearly come to an end, so many times do I hear the remark “it’s dark and cold when I get home to exercise, and all I want to do is curl up in front of the TV”. Now let’s think about it, if for every extra 2 fredo frogs you eat you need to walk for at least 30 minutes to burn off the kilojoules, but you are stuck inside, eating chocolate, and not moving (sound like someone you know?), why does weight creep on? (mmm..straight forward right?)

Just to clarify, I am your ultimate summer girl, I love hot environments and those that know me really well will no doubt have heard my standard comment of “I feel like I am an ice cube!”. I just wanted you to be aware of the type of person the next comments are coming from!

So here are some of my answers to the winter exercise blues:

1. Man up and coat up! Yep you heard me right, make sure you have a hooded water resistant coat and get outside before or after dinner. You will warm up instantaneously as your heart rate increases. You may even find that you move quicker than you typically would just to warm yourself up quicker. There’s nothing better than actually feeling warm from the inside as opposed to continuously trying to warm yourself with outer layers and heaters.

2. Find an indoor exercise class that you enjoy. I’ve found zumba classes which are like one big party, lights are out, music is played loudly and three instructors are at the front of the class up on a stage. You warm up instantly and the hour flies by. If zumba isn’t your thing, think about casual passes to a gym (if you do not already have a membership),  these may seem a bit steep, but if you work it into your budget like any other activity you will find that you may be able to attend at least 1 class a week (and that’s better than none!).

3. Look up deals if you are worried about an extra expense. There are so many daily deal sites e.g.,, The amount of times I have gotten amazing deals to exercise classes is uncountable. I just finished a voucher for 10 dance (including zumba and strengthening classes) for $29.00. Now that’s cheaper than a cup of coffee per class..good investment if you ask me!

4. Become action orientated. Whatever sport or activity you have been thinking about getting started with…just do it! (as Nike would say). If you are wanting to start Pilates or yoga, open up a new web browser and perform a Google search for local classes, I promise, there will be one in somewhat near a proximity to either your work or home that you can get started this week!

5. Support is the key. If you are someone that needs the extra push to get moving in the colder months, make a deal with a friend, partner, colleague, family member, or personal trainer (or someone else if you think a random is more suitable!). Plan to go to a class, go for a walk or jog, or whatever activity  you both would like to do, and put it in the diary; Many of us are more motivated when we are responsible to someone else rather than solely ourselves.

I am sure there are more answers to this standard winter exercise blues issue, but hopefully at least one of the above points has given you an idea of how you can get started moving this week.

Any other comments are welcomed below.

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