Today I’d like to introduce Zoran from NSW. He is one of the people taking part in the Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days Challenge. Please read below why he is taking part in the challenge and what he set out to achieve over the 100 days:

“I am slightly overweight by about 6 to 8 kilos (tummy is bigger than it is supposed to be). I need advice because I am trying to take care of myself and to improve my health in every aspect. Riding a bicycle is my hobby. I like cereals for breakfast and I always eat them with soymilk. However something was missing until now when I saw Goodness Superfoods on TV.

I think this is the missing part in my daily food intake for good health. I am a huge supporter and I am glad that I became a part of your challenge because I believe one hundred percent in your wonderful products. My starting weight for this challenge is 90kg.

Since starting the challenge, I am pleased to have seen positive results, not only that I have lost 3kg I am also able to control my appetite and feel my metabolism has improved. I feel great and have more energy to do what I love which is riding my push bike more often. Last time I had my blood pressure checked and it was excellent. I definitely will continue with 100-day challenge and I am sure I will reach my goal to loose another 3kg”

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