It is a great pleasure to introduce Robyn today. She is trying to lose a bit of weight and have the energy to be more active during the Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days challenge. Here is her story:

G’day! I’m a bit overweight and I find that with each weight loss program it all goes well for around three months. Afterward I gradually gain the lost weight again over time.

My main hang up (all my life) has been chocolate.  On the whole I eat healthily, meat or fish and 3-5 veg, cereal for breakfast with soy milk, fruit and a dollop of honey, lunch varies depending on where I’m located and what is happening.

Needless to say, energy in exceeds energy out/used but my goal for this challenge is to lose 5kg and I am hoping to also gain the energy and enthusiasm to get out and walk more.

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