It is a pleasure to introduce you today to Manola! She is part of the Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days Challenge. Her story is very encouraging for all of you suffering from IBS out there so please continue to read:

I am 33 years old and lead a very active lifestyle. I am also a new mother and don’t have much time on my hands. Numerous health issues such as hypoglyceamia, Crohns disease and chronic fatigue slow me down too.

My goal for the challenge is a reduction of symptoms from my irritable bowel syndrome and an improvement in my general health and wellbeing.
Currently, I’d rate my IBS symptoms on a scale from 1- 5 (with 5 being worst) at a 4.

Food and stress seem to be triggering my IBS and I’m finding foods that didn’t previously affect me are affecting me now.

I’m have been looking forward to the challenge and change in lifestyle knowing that it is all natural ingredients.

I’ve been about two weeks into this challenge now and I am really enjoying the unique taste of each cereal. They are quite palatable. I have seen a significant reduction of my symptoms and decline in pain associated with my health issues. Overall, I have also noticed an improvement in my health and general wellbeing.

I am really enjoying the unique tastes of each cereal they are quite pallatable. Even though its only been weeks I have seen a significant amount of improvement in my health , funnily enough other problems that I have are improving so I am seeing an overall change with a reduction of symptoms and decline in the pain I am experiencing associated with these diseases.

I’m really enjoying taking part in the Goodness Superfoods challenge and its great to know that the cereal not only tastes great but its doing a world of good too.  I’m looking forward to continuing consuming these products for breakfast and also recommending them to friends and family with varying health conditions.

Since starting the challenge I have seen drastic improvements in my overall health. I have lost 4 kilograms and my friends and family have noticed the changes. Initially, my priority in the challenge was for an improvement in my irritable bowel condition and to see improvements in my weight and being more regular is a huge bonus. I am also asymptomatic from all my stomach pain, discomfort and side effects of having an irritable bowel. I have a new lease in life and am confidentially able to put away my pain medication and continue to enjoy the cereal.
Both my husband who has irritable bowel syndrome and my mum with high cholesterol and heart condition are now eating the cereal and look forward to improving their health too.”

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