Have you met Karen? She is one of the participants in the Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days Challenge:

“I have been enjoying my cereal every day since starting the challenge. I have lost about a half kilo so far and I am eating more good foods, eg active yoghurt, fruit & nuts and vegetables.  I am feeling a lot better and I am also exercising a lot more.

Currently I love the Barley & Oats 1st porridge and I eat it with a handful of blueberries and light soy milk.  I must say that I’m pretty sure I can feel some difference already, although it is only early days.

I am also trying to eat more healthy meals and snacks as well.

My aim is to lose at least 5 kgs and to get more exercise. I am aiming for at least 30 mins of exercise or more each day. I’m also hoping to convince my husband to eat more healthy and exercise as he has diabetes and is on insulin and tablets. His average sugar levels in the morning are around 11.

Since the challenge I have lost 2kg and my husband has lost even 5kg. I have enjoyed eating all the different Goodness Superfoods products and have been eating it with a handful of blueberries each morning. My husband’s insulin levels are improving as well as his blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

We are now following a healthy diet and doing a least half hour or more of walking and weight exercises and have learned a lot since starting on your 100 day challenge.

I will be continuing with this cereal – especially love the Heart1 and Barley+ Oats and have passed it on to my family and friends how good Goodness Superfoods is for you, especially if you have stomach problems.”

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