The following story from Jessica is a great inspiration for all the mums out there. Please continue to read how Goodness Superfoods is a constant part of this family’s diet:

I initially tried Digestive 1 for my youngest child. Now, both my 12 and 19 yr old daughters enjoy Digestive 1. Their tummy aches have reduced, they are fuller for longer and their carbohydrate and fatty food cravings have reduced significantly. My 17 yr old son is now on protein 1st and his behavior has also changed in both his eating habits and his temperament. I am now enjoying the new Heart 1st with a little of the new Fiber Boost and fresh blueberries.

I alternate with the new porridge. Simply delicious. I have no bloating, do not crave bread or fatty foods and have a sense of well being that I have missed. I stopped working a year ago, with that stopped exercise and healthy eating. I am so impressed by the value and taste of all the products for my family that I can’t tell enough people the benefits. It has been such a dramatic improvement in overall health and behavior without all the sugary and fatty cravings!

Since starting the challenge I have also lost 3kg!

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