It is a pleasure to introduce you today to Jennifer. Here is her story and why she is a part of the Goodness Superfoods 100 People in 100 Days Challenge:

I have suffered from IBS for some time now and have also gained some 10kgs since retiring. Therefore I have two reasons to change my eating habits and join the challenge.

Medication does help to some extend manage my IBS as well as switching to red onions. There is no record of any of my family suffering  from bowel or any other cancer, however, I think that my father may have had IBS but was never diagnosed with it.

I had been having Goodness Superfoods cereal with Norco skim milk and loved it. I will add losing 5 kg to my challenge. I weigh 73kgs currently and would really like to be about 65 kg and also my husband joins me in this challenge and would like to lose 5kg.

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