I’d like you to meet Ernie today. Please continue to read why he is taking part in our challenge:

I’m a 61-years-old retired journalist who has been battling high blood pressure, high cholesterol and excess weight for many years.

After reading and seeing reports on Goodness Superfoods BARLEYmax products I was highly interested in taking part in this challenge to assess its effectiveness on myself. I’ve been a regular gym attendee for the past five years but lately my energy levels have declined to such an extent where I find it difficult to complete my exercise routines with the same intensity as before. I was keen to see what, if any, difference the Goodness Superfoods products make to my current slump.

But then I was diagnosed with a 90% blockage in the major left artery to my heart and I needed an emergency triple bypass open heart surgery. This explains the drop off in my energy levels but I am on the road of recovery now.

Part of my recovery now is to change my diet and lower cholesterol levels. I have been prescribed strong medications but I’d prefer to lower my cholesterol naturally by eating a sensible diet.

I hope that the Goodness Superfoods Heart 1st cereal is going to play a major part in my return to good health. My cholesterol levels at the time of hospitalisation were 7.0 (upper level) and 1.4 (lower level). Blood pressure was 150 over 90.

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