It is a pleasure to introduce you today to Ceinwen. Please read below why she is participating in our Goodness Superfoods challenge:

I started eating the Goodness Superfoods’ Digestive 1st for breakfast every morning instead of my usual bowl of muesli.  I have suffered irritable bowl for approximately two years on and off – and have tried numerous remedies to heal this affliction.  I can honestly say that the Digestive 1st cereal, which I inter-change with the Protein 1st cereal also from Goodness Superfoods, has dramatically decreased many of my symptoms – specifically the bloating and… well you don’t really want me to write the other symptoms on a public forum!  :)  I also enjoy it due to the amount it fills me up and prevents me from picking at unhealthy food mid-morning.

I have now got both of my flat-mates eating the cereal, as well as my family back home in Queensland.

I will continue to eat this cereal for as long as it available.  Thank you for providing this nutritious and tasty cereal!

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