With many people suffering from IBS, or experiencing symptoms that replicate those experienced in IBS, I thought it would make sense to provide you with a friendly IBS diet.

I have outlined below the foods that are typically problematic in IBS and provided some suitable alternatives to try and help those that are in need of some guidance know which foods to select or avoid to help manage their symptoms.

Our products at Goodness Superfoods do not contain wheat, and are a source of resistant starch. Resistant starch plays an important role and improving your gut health as it selectively increases the good bacteria in your gut, and decreases the bad bacteria in your gut, leaving you with a stronger immune system and less likely to experience the pain associated with eating a grain based food. Check out also this delicious hummus recipe to increase your resistant starch intake.

There are a number of common triggers for symptoms in people who suffer from IBS. The table below outlines some of the major contributors and provides you with a list of suitable alternatives to include in your friendly IBS diet.

Goodness Superfoods: Foods to avoid with IBS

I hope that you find this information useful and can implement some of these IBS friendly diet tips into your eating plan to ensure that you do not experience the negative effects of IBS.

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