You may or may not have heard before of the term “Community kitchen”. Before I had been to one, the image I had pictured was completely different to the experience I had.

The basic concept of a Community Kitchen is where a group of similar people regularly come together to socialise and cook affordable and nutritious meals. The individuals might sit down and eat the meal together, or take the food home, there are no set rules! As the food is cooked in bulk, it becomes cheaper to prepare a nutritious meal, in comparison to preparing a single serve on their own at home. The participants in the community that attend the kitchen are the ones who decide what to cook and how often to meet.

The particular kitchen that I tried out was on a Monday evening, in a community room. Most of the participants were from the local area in St Kilda and the age range was from young to middle aged. Every week, the group would meet and decide what to cook based on the ingredients that were available. It allows recipes to be shared around that may have been overused and boring for one person, but new and exciting for another. The environment was completely relaxed, with one individual playing guitar and singing to add to the atmosphere.

Some of the participants were better cooks than others, but regardless of whether someone knew how to cook or not – there was always an opportunity to get involved, such as cutting up fruit for a fruit salad, or setting the table to eat the meal. It was also intriguing to talk with the different people and discover their stories.

Once the food had been prepared, we all sat down together and shared the meal. Twelve people had produced a feast of colour and variety. Noone was in a rush to go anywhere, as we all enjoyed the company and delicious food. By the way, if you are not a confident cook, this is a great place to practice your skills and learn from others without having to go to a proper cooking course.

So – if you’re interested in meeting new people, exercising your creativity, eating tasty, healthy food and getting involved with your local community check out the closest community kitchen in your suburb via the website

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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