We have all heard a million and one times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…however somehow this message has still not quite sunk in for some!

I regularly hear the comment “I am just not hungry when I wake up” however if I follow up with the question “when are you hungry” I get one of two responses “mid / late afternoon” or “after dinner”. Now if we really think about it, it is not actually only the fact that eating breakfast can help switch our bodies out of the rest state they are in over night, boost our energy levels, enhance our ability to concentrate or improve our performance of desired tasks that one may think would motivate someone to eat breakfast.

From a nutritional standpoint, if you look at the foods that are commonly consumed after dinner or mid afternoon, (the time when tiredness or emotional mood dips seem to kick in), high GI, sweet or energy dense foods seem to regularly pop up. Does anyone else find that it is also at this time that their resilience to give in to these foods consumption appears to go down too?

Now wouldn’t it make sense to break this vicious cycle and get in control of your appetite and energy levels? (I am a little bit of a logical thinker if you have not noticed yet).

There are a range of foods that can be consumed for breakfast which can really boost ones nutritional intake for the day, think about it, a high fibre breakfast cereal with milk and some berries could provide someone with over 50% of their recommended daily intake (RDI) of fibre and 15-20% of the RDI of calcium, as well as a range of other vitamins and minerals such as the important B group vitamins for energy release and iron (as most cereals are fortified with this these days).

I am extremely open to hearing from others if they have found products that fit this description that could be had as a snack, however it is appears quite unlikely that a natural snack food, without being specifically formulated for a particular purpose (e.g. bars and shakes sold in gyms),  would fit this bill. Another breakfast option that fits these criteria could be some natural reduced fat yoghurt with fresh fruit, chia seeds (and maybe even some Fibre Boost Sprinkles)…

So now lets look at the common snack options; If we compare these breakfast options to commonly consumed mid afternoon or evening snacks, we are looking at a nutritional difference between the above mentioned meals and a muffin, slice, chocolate bar or maybe even some crisps. I do not think you need to be a dietitian to do the assessment here.

But lets even step it up a notch and look at a healthier snack, maybe a toasted cheese sandwich?  as you can see, not even 2 slices of wholegrain toast with some cheese (which is a healthy meal may I add) will get you that 50% of your fibre requirements!

So as you can see, getting this quick hit of nutrients into your diet (which in today’s time poor world appears to often be what people are going for) appears to be far simpler to get down in a bowl of cereal with milk, than in the array of snack options that exist.

So next time you get up, even if you are not feeling that hungry, just think about the vicious cycle you are about to start, and remind yourself, do I really want to make my life harder? Do I really want to have to spend the time later in the day thinking about how to boost my energy, feel full, and boost my compliance to a healthy diet? Because generally speaking, if you do skip it…that 4pm sweet craving is likely to creep in, no?

I know I wouldn’t want that hanging over me…

If you want to read a little more about the importance of breakfast, have a read of this article that was in today’s body and soul blog (Goodness Superfoods even gets a mention!)

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