After a ridiculously tasty and satisfying meal at my favourite Mexican restaurant Bluecorn, in St Kilda, Melbourne last night; I thought what could be a better way of allowing everyone around the country to share in my enjoyment than by finding another Mexican dish that also gets the dietitians tick of approval, and appears to be getting rave reviews.

I believe that Mexican food has been assessed rather harshly in respect to nutritional benefits and if you create a meal that includes a variety of fresh ingredients, you in turn can have quite a colourful and flavoursome meal that ticks all the nutritional boxes.

The recipe I have sourced from could be revamped a little by switching the tostada shell for a wholegrain tortilla, and adding in a variety of vegetables. I personally find that small pieces of  pumpkin and button mushrooms taste superb mixed in with the spices and chicken. Although for those of you that would like a quicker to prepare option, throwing in some black beans and sweet corn from a can will boost up the fibre and nutritional value of the meal entirely!

Once you try this recipe, feedback on variations would be most welcomed to share with others!

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