Is it better to consume some foods alongside others, or is it all just a myth?

There certainly are some tales out there that I wouldn’t trust, which have a lack of scientific evidence to back them up, that make suggestions around grouping foods for negative or positive health effects.

However when I came across this article by my fellow credible dietitian from Goodness Superfoods, Dr Joanna McMillan Price, regarding pairing up certain foods for added benefits, I felt there was sound science to back up her suggestions and wanted to share them with you all:

  • Cancer prevention- Fish and Broccoli
  • Digestion booster- yoghurt and bananas
  • Super anti-inflammatory- Black pepper and turmeric
  • Energizer- baby spinach and red capsicum
  • Heart helper- apples and grapes
  • Free radical fighter- tomato and avocado

And for those of you that want the added benefits to already be mixed into the one food product (although not really as good as having the whole foods as Joanna has outlined above), here are a few of my own suggestions to throw in the mix:

  • Extra strong bones- Vitamin D enriched dairy products
  • Cholesterol health- Plant sterol enriched margarines
  • Healthy blood- Iron enriched orange juice
  • Anti-inflammatory powers- Curry powder (pre mixes a range of spices)

So as you can see, sometimes consuming foods in pairs can have beneficial effects!
I recommend you go and read Joanna’s original article for all the information.
Does anyone have any special mixes of their own that they have found work magic for their health?

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