Australian Healthy Weight Week is a relatively new initiative put together by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) to try and promote healthy eating to our nation.

This week was healthy weight week, however most of the attention I feel went to Australia day and the festivities that go along side that. So what types of activities could we all have enjoyed?

Activities that were put on include:

Australian Healthy Weight Week

Healthy morning and afternoon teas

Healthy breakfasts

Workplace healthy food stalls and seminars

Healthy weight assessments

Childrens workshops

Shopping centre displays

…and the list goes on!

As you can see, most of these activities could run any day of the year. This week is just used as a kick start to get people in the spirit of healthy eating for the year to come. So if you missed out on celebrating Healthy Weight Week this year, why not make up for it in the coming few days and start to plan your healthy event?

Some ideas I believe could be quite fun include:

Arranging a healthy picnic basket and making your way down to your local botanical gardens for an afternoon in the sunshine

Get a group together who each enjoy baking, everyone can make one healthy treat and bring them all together for a Sunday morning brunch.

Get the office coordinator to arrange morning tea once a week with fresh fruits, yoghurts and anything else that meets the criteria of being refreshing, healthy and enjoyable on a summers morning.

Make a plan for yourself to switch one ice cream or sweet treat you enjoy per week for a creamy smoothie! They taste great, and you will feel great after having one of them too!

As you can see I could go on forever with healthy ideas, but I think I will throw this out to you, who else has ideas of how we all have a belated Australian Healthy Weight Week celebration?

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