After reading the Coles online blog on what are Australian foods? I started to think to myself, what foods can we be proud to call our own (and are healthy!). The article named such favourites as lamingtons, meat pies and pavlova (not looking too healthy if you ask me!)

I’ve set out on a mission to come up with my list of healthier Aussie foods; So far I have come up with the following: barrumundi, macadamia nuts, beetroot, damper and our newest edition BARLEYmax.
I contemplated some of our wines from our beautiful wine regions, and cheeses from the dairy regions, however I decided against these as I didn’t believe that someone on the other side of the world would credit us and say “Yeh, thats an Aussie food!”
Does anyone else have any other foods they can contribute to this list? Lets work together to create a list we can be proud of!
Check out also the latest blog article by The Essential Ingredient about true Aussie cuisine!

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