BARLEYmax has been developed by CSIRO which has a long history of interest in barley as a grain with human health benefits. In the late 1990s, CSIRO researchers developed a collection of new non-GM barley grains and assessed them for their potential to improve health by delivering high levels of resistant starch and other dietary fibre components. One particular gem emerged- BARLEYmax.

CSIRO brought together scientists from its Plant Industry and Food and Nutritional Sciences divisions to work on understanding and substantiating the health attributes of BARLEYmax, under the CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship.

Through an extensive program of experimental studies, including a number of human trials, it was shown that a range of foods produced with BARLEYmax as their key ingredient had a low glycemic index and also produced positive changes in a range of biomarkers of bowel health.

Given these successful results, CSIRO formed a Joint Venture with Australian Capital Ventures Ltd to breed new BARLEYmax varieties and begin working with food manufacturers to create products containing BARLEYmax for consumers.

This Food Futures Flagship development program demonstrated that BARLEYmax not only enhances thepositive nutritional attributes of a range of consumer foods, it improves texture and enhances flavour with a pleasant ‘nutty’ taste that sets it apart from other barley grains.

All Goodness Superfoods products (except for our Freekeh) contain BARLEYmax. 

For more information, please read our full BarleyMax report.

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