The world’s highest fibre wholegrain, developed by CSIRO, has been used in a food product for the first time in the newly launched ‘Goodness Superfoods’ range of breakfast cereals.

The new grain, called BARLEYmax, features in two initial products – Digestive 1st and Protein 1st. Both breakfast cereals will benefit from the super-wholegrain’s double fibre content and superior levels of resistant starch which promotes better bowel and digestive health.

“We are delighted that Goodness Superfoods will be the first to use CSIRO’s novel wholegrain. It is very important for people to know BARLEYmax is a 100 per cent naturally produced, non- GMO wholegrain and contains advanced benefits that will promote bowel health and help fight the onset of diseases like bowel cancer and type 2 diabetes while helping lower the risk of heart disease and stroke,” says Arnold May, CEO of Popina (Vic) Pty. Ltd, the company that makes Goodness Superfoods breakfast cereals.

“We take this leadership role with BARLEYmax very seriously and are committed to producing unprecedented breakfast cereals for the Australian breakfast table. All Goodness Superfoods breakfast cereals will contain at least 51% BARLEYmax grain and be low in added sugars and sodium, and naturally rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants.”

The Public Health Association of Australia has declared our country to be in a ‘chronic disease crisis’, and simple yet effective dietary change is vital in our fight against chronic disease.

“There are not many breakfast cereals on the market that I recommend, but Digestive 1st and Protein 1st really stand out nutritionally being wholegrain, low GI, high in fibre and resistant starch, low in added sugars and they taste great. Increased wholegrain intake has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even help with weight control. These cereals really do have the potential to help combat many of the chronic diseases affecting Australians,”commented Joanna McMillan, Registered Nutritionist & Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Protein 1st contains super wholegrains for balance, shape and energy release, plus protein to maintain muscle and bone strength. Digestive 1st’s super wholegrain assist in promoting bowel and digestive health, while its resistant starch feeds the good bacteria in the bowel to promote the growth of healthy colon cells. Both cereals have a low gylcemic index, making them suitable for consumers who have diabetes or are who are heart and weight conscious.

“BARLEYmax has been in development for almost 12 years and its health benefits have now been substantiated and made available to consumers by CSIRO’s Food Futures Flagship,” commented Dr David Topping, Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO’s National Research Flagship Program.

“This new enhanced wholegrain can improve the positive nutritional attributes of a range of consumer foods and improves texture and enhances flavour with a pleasant ‘nutty’ taste that sets it apart from other barley grains. We are delighted that BARLEYmax is now available for the first time in a range of wholegrain breakfast cereals and is available to consumers to help them make healthy food choices,” Dr Topping said.

For more information please download our BARLEYmax report.

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