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This blog is written by Kara Landau, accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist.

Kara Landau

Goodness Superfoods and Kara both believe firmly in good and nutritious food and we would like to share our thoughts on food with you.

We believe that choosing to eat a balanced diet may help promote physical and emotional wellness and our products are packed with good stuff. Kara will inform you of the latest research in nutritional science. Additionally, she will demonstrate to you the passion and sincerity which Goodness Superfoods has as real people as well as help you understand the benefits of our products.

Kara has a strong passion for helping others obtain their goals with ease and enjoyment and she discusses all aspects of health and wellbeing with you on this site.

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Kara is also supported by Joanna McMillan, our spokesperson and also a registered nutritionist and accredited practicing dietitian.

You may recognise Joanna from various A Current Affair interviews where she spoke highly about Goodness Superfoods cereal.

Joanna McMillan

Her philosophies on diet are quite simple and in accordance with what most of us instinctively know. That is to eat more fresh wholesome foods and fewer processed, packaged foods. In essence this means cooking more meals yourself from the raw ingredients. But she tempers this with realistic advice on which modern food products and processing/preserving techniques can be useful in helping you achieve a healthy diet in today’s time-poor, results-orientated environment.

Joanna truly believes that many of us don’t know how good we could feel how much better we could look and how much our work performance could improve, if only we ate well and moved more.

We hope you enjoy reading the blog and use it as a source of information for health and wellbeing.

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